Thursday, December 31, 2009

Better sneak one in before 2010 sneaks up on me...

I decided to spend my last two days at my old job as vacation. Brilliant, right?

Oh, didn't I mention I got a new job? Rest assured, I have made a very positive move for my career and I am thrilled to be moving on with my ambitions.

(I had to pause for a moment to jump up and down for the hundredth time since I was offered the job.)

2010 will be my best year yet, turning 30 aside.

No funny stories to share today, no life anecdotes today. Just the feeling of overwhelming gratefulness that my life has taken a turn in the right direction.

Like a bird, I named my (new) blog. Yep, feeling pretty free right now.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Blogging, take two

After a month of not blogging, I have chosen to move forward. I realized on my bus ride home today that I missed writing, that I had hardly written since I deleted my old blog. At that moment, I decided: Time for a new blog.

So. Here I am. Starting all over again.

Why not, right? I made the decision that writing was truly making me happy. I also learned the valuable lesson of what can happen when you go public with your life, even when you think no one is reading. Duly noted, big brother. You might be watching.

But even these few mini-paragraphs have felt cathartic. They way they should feel. And so I'm back. The little birdie has returned to the nest.

(P.S. I'm the little birdie.)