Sunday, January 10, 2010

Drive-by or fireworks? You decide.

I have lived in Chicago since 2000, the year I first moved to Rogers Park to go to college (at Loyola...go Ramblers).

I lived in Rogers Park for two years, then moved to Wilmette for a year, then moved to home for over four years. From Lakeview, I moved up to Lincoln Square for two years (cockroaches and all) and finally, I am in the Ukrainian Village. In any event, I have lived in the Chicago and its areas for ten years now.

This past Friday night, I witnessed my first attempted drive-by. I think. My boyfriend and I were in my kitchen taking a break from our marathon Lost weekend. I was making popcorn and he was keeping me company. We were talking about our friends, and boyfriend said, "Yeah, they think if they move outside of Lincoln Park they will get shot." No sooner were those words out of his mouth when we heard five loud pops. Right in front of my building.

I peeked out the shades and saw a white jeep driving south on my street, the driver side door partially ajar and being shut. Boyfriend and I looked at each other wordlessly, then shut the lights off to get a better look at the darkened street. A brief discussion as to whether we heard gunshots or firecrackers, the more typical culprit of loud bangs we hear, and he decided to go downstairs.

So he threw his shoes on and went downstairs to make sure that there was no one laying there bleeding on the sidewalk. He also did a "casing of the perimeter." You know, to look for shell cases. Evidence. I know we are both lawyers (in civil practice) but hey, we know things. And shell casings are left behind. Right?

Within five minutes, two cop cars went peeling down my street. Then another police SUV drove the wrong way down my street. One of the cop cars paused and asked a guy walking to his car, "Are you alright?" He just nodded.

We were kind of shook up after this happened. I sort of burned the popcorn, and we didn't resume our Lost-watching for a bit. Of course, the discussion continued on as to whether they were actually gunshots we heard.

We recovered no evidence in our search. That should be very highly significant given that we are excellent "evidence-finders." Jury is still out. But I am relatively certain that gunshots rang out. Right in front of my building. I would be lying if I said that it didn't creep me out. That being said, I feel like I got a bit of street cred now. Right?

My guess is jury is still out on that one too.

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