Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So, I ate at Hooters during Restaurant Week.

I had two really down and out days after our first fabulous meal of Restaurant Week at David Burke's Primehouse.  Two days with no fabulous prix fixe dinners; I now know how those who live in rural areas live.  I kid, I kid.  Living like a high roller for a week hasn't deluded my entire perception of reality, I swear.  To prove it to you, I will admit this: I ate at Hooters last night.

::::Pause for dramatic effect::::

In my defense, it was for the kids: 

2010 continued an effort on behalf of Hooters, Inc. to work with Holy Family Lutheran School in their tuition assistance program.  One third of all wings sales went to the school.  So we ate wings.  Just wings.  Oh, and cheese fries.  At Hooters.  During restaurant week.  I shouldn't be ashamed, it was for a good cause, and I did my best to eat my body weight in wings.  The jalapeno cheese sauce on the fries was pretty tasty as well.  Did I mention that they were CURLY fries?  Well, they were, which makes them better.

So, I guess I did have three "courses."  Course one: "Big Daddy" Miller Lite on draft.  (What, it was on sale and in a frosty mug!  Who can say no to that?!)  Course two: Curly fries with an au jus of cheese sauce.  Course three: Wings.  Lots of wings.  (And for dessert, an antacid.  This getting older stuff is for the birds.)

Tonight I go back to my fancy-schmancy dining: Lockwood is on tap, the restaurant in the Palmer House Hilton.  Too bad one-third of our money spent on Restaurant Week doesn't go to the children.  I have a feeling they'd make a lot more money.

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