Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A confession.

Do you know that little sign in your brain that tells you when you are full? It makes sure that you don't over eat.

I don't have one of those some days.

I am reminded of this fact on the days where I make a run out for candy or beef jerky (my usual two afternoon pick-me-ups). It always starts out nicely. "Mmmm," I say. "This is exactly what I wanted." I enjoy the first few bites. Then I have another couple of bites and think, "shiiiiit. This is not going to end well."

Today, as I walked down the street with my coworker today, casually popping my afternoon poison of choice into my greedy mouth (candy corn, obviously), I commented to her about the trigger in my brain that seems to go missing around afternoon snack time. The first five candy corn are wonderful. But as I pop that sixth in my mouth, I know, in ten minutes, I will be curled up behind my desk with an awful gut ache thinking, "WHYYYYY?"  I know this. And yet I continue to eat that sugary crap until it hurts me.

Mostly? It's because I love candy (corn). Oh, and beef jerky.

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