Friday, December 21, 2012


Oh, LOL. Laughing out loud. I remember when I first started typing you, back in my early aol days. (Remember that? A former colleague of mine actually STILL used aol and I'd hear the familiar "you've got mail" at least once a day for over two years. Really. I guess people still use it.)

Then I decided I was TOO GOOD FOR THAT. I would no longer write LOL. It was stupid. Especially when a simple "hahahahahah" would suffice. NO MORE LOL.

That all changed the one day I watched this STUPID video. If you have little tolerance for stupid funny, fast forward to the 2:40 mark. "LOL penis face. TAKE THAT MOM." I can't stop laughing. So I started saying that. Then i decided, hey, I can type LOL sometimes. Or lol. I can type that too.

Now I'm back to using LOL. I feel a little gross, but whatever. I don't care.

Did I just blog about LOL? Sorry.

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