Friday, March 19, 2010

This post inspired by ::gulp:: Miley Cyrus.

I was visiting one of my usual celebrity gossip sites the other day and came to a blurb by Miley Cyrus.  Yep, none other than Miss Hannah Montana herself.  She used to be quite the tweeter (via and now professes to dislike the internet.  Read here, further, if you can stand a little annotation by a crass individual:

(On an unrelated note, I know that this blogger is rather crass, but he makes me laugh out loud every day.  Or LOL for the teenie-boppers.)

Of course, this made me think about how digitalized our world has become.  We update facebook statuses so the entire world, or just our facebook community, knows our whereabouts.  There was an article in the Chicago Redeye about this the other day as well.  For the record, do not judge me for reading the Redeye.  It is free, I enjoy the crossword puzzle and sudoku, and if I were to subscribe to a real newpaper, it likely would get stolen from my front stoop.  So I make do.

In any event, a link to the discussion via Redeye:

I do not participate in twitter, nor do I participate in this foursquare idea.  Facebook (and this blog) is about as far as I go in the sharing department.  Furthermore, let it be known that I am very careful with what I share online.  I learned that lesson the hard way via blog number one.  I prefer it that way, actually.  God forbid that I end up on one of those websites such as or  I also like to maintain a bit of class in my life.  So I hold back a bit, and give little snapshots of my life.  My status updates tend to be shortened versions of my blogs: funny or snarky little tidbits.

One area where I may be guilty is the whole "photo-taking" business.  I bring my digital camera with me everywhere to document my life.  Sometimes I wonder (and worry), much like Miley Cyrus, that I am going to "miss life" by taking all these photos.  Yes, I do post them on facebook.  I wondered the other day, "Am I living my life vicariously through myself?"  My answer?  No.  Since mid-2008, I have been living my life like never before.  The photos mainly document my good times.  They capture my friends, family and I in our shared journey through life.  Most importantly, they provide documentation of the way I have lived my life.  When I look back on these photographs, they make me smile and remind me of my good times.  Face it, I tend to forget things, which is the reason I leave post-it notes for myself everywhere and ask people to send me reminder texts.  If I didn't have these photographs, I wouldn't have the vivid memories of the laughter my friends and I shared on St. Patrick's Day or the reminder of the way I felt the first time I was in New York City.

While I likely will not get on the twitter bandwagon, nor is it likely I will join foursquare, I will continue to take and post my pictures.  It makes me happy, and is a part of who I am.  Judge me, Miley, I don't care.  For the record, I will continue to type out "laugh out loud."  I'm too old for LOL.

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