Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why blog?

I'm always apprehensive to tell people that I have my own blog.  It seems a bit narcissistic, no?  I was thinking for my reasons for having my own blog.  The main reason is that I enjoy writing.  I always have enjoyed writing and used it as my creative outlet.  Ask my friend, Lisita de la noche, a co-author for this scintillating (at the time) story we composed in sixth grade in our Creative Writing notebook.  Creative Writing, indeed.

Recent involvement in the website reawakened my desire to write, and write more than just a little.  Sure, on I write about food, mainly restaurants and some other businesses.  This blog is supposed to be about more than just food.  Of course, food and going out sneaks into this endeavor.  It is only natural given that I am a young, single twenty-something (for another six months or so) who enjoys exploring her city by eating her way through it.  True story.  However, in my life, I believe that I have amassed some great stories.  I also tend to see the oddness in everyday occurrences that I enjoy writing.  Perhaps they are funny only to me.  I am relatively certain that they are awkward to most.

My last blog got me into trouble.  Perhaps that was serendipitous.  I realized how truly unhappy I had been in my career and started taking greater action to make myself happy.  I have moved onto a job in which I am much more satisfied and started having better life quality.  I am not angry all of the time.  Granted, the angry all the time stories were amusing, and I still have the occasional angry facebook status: Amanda is angry at the woman smacking her gum on the bus.  (But seriously, who ISN'T angry at that display of bad manners?)

Some people blog because they want to be discovered as a burgeoning writer.  Don't we all?  We blog because writing is our passion, and we want to be able to make it our profession.  Honestly, all bloggers won't "make it" in the literary world.  I don't realistically expect to become a full-time writer, as much as I think I'd enjoy it.  Passion is the key here.  My job, although I went to school for it many years and I enjoy it, does not fulfill me in the creative ways that writing does.  So here we are.  You can read my creative endeavors and if it makes you laugh, I feel good about myself.

Some people, they just wanna dance.  Me?  I wanna write.  Oh, and make people laugh.

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