Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh. My. God, you guys.

Over a week ago, I drafted a totally witty, thoughtful post about 2011. I even included a few resolutions, even though I don't believe in them. I followed up with my resolutions from last year (again, even though I don't believe in them.) I fully intended on posting it on New Years Eve.

TOO BAD, SO SAD. In lieu of dutifully posting my thought-out post, I got out of town. P.I.C. and I trekked up north for some winter fun with friends. We enjoyed a Jersey Shore-style spaghetti dinner at an over-sized dining room table (minus the solo cups, sorry), several rounds of girls-versus-boys "Celebrity" (if you do not know how to play this game, ASK ME. It's amazingly fun), and a rather grueling two-hour ski lesson for P.I.C. and myself. Our friends were more ski inclined and tore up the runs for hours, whereas P.I.C. and I just took our lesson and decided to hit the bar. We toasted New Years with the ball drop and then again when it was midnight in Chicago. We kissed, hugged, drank champagne. It was absolutely marvelous.

So, I have made this decision: I'm not going to post my recap. You guys read it ALL FREAKING YEAR LONG. You know I got hitched. You know we went to forty-five weddings (okay, seven, but still, that's a lot), you know I whined about money. It's fine. I don't need to repeat myself. I trust you are all up to date. As for resolutions? I really don't think that the start of a year is a reason to change things in my life. If I want things to change, I will just begin to take steps to change them. Waiting for an arbitrary date to do so seems bullshit to me. (Word.)

That being said, happy 2012! Cheers to making this one better than the last!

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  1. I SAW your Tweet about heading to MI. Way jealous since that is my home state, but I haven't been back there in almost 4 years.

    Happy 2012 to you. I sincerely hope it brings you nothing but happiness. :)