Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Verbal high five of the day!

It is no secret that I tend to be passive-aggressive. I don't like confrontation so much, and I have a fear of people disliking me. I think that's from where the passive-aggressive nature stems. Unfortunately, this leads me to let things simmer until I get really pissed and misplace my actual aggressive.

This morning, I saw something that broke my heart. P.I.C. were on our way into the gym at our usual hour when we noticed a curious sight. There was a dog tied up to the bike rack outside of our gym. Keep in mind, it is 5:30 a.m. and pitch black outside. The temperature was maybe twenty degrees. It was cold. But this poor dog was sitting outside in the cold.

We walked into the gym, exchanging looks, as we heard that poor little guy barking outside. The guy behind the desk at the gym read my expression and said, "Yeah, I know. She does that sometimes." WHAT? So, the gist is apparently when this girl comes to the gym, she ties her dog up outside because he barks and her neighbors complain. (For the record, we have never see this dog tied up outside our gym before, and we have been coming to our gym for over two years at the same time.) I felt awful about this immediately. Of course, I'm not the kind of person to go tell someone how to live their life, ya know the whole "non-confrontational" thing, so I just made my way to the treadmills for my morning run.

I'd been on the treadmill for about twenty minutes when I saw the front desk guy walk over another guy in his coat and point out the girl on the treadmill. The new guy walked up to the girl, stood on the vacant treadmill, and proceeded to tell her she couldn't just tie her dog up outside. I didn't hear the entire conversation because I had headphones in, but sure enough, he hopped off the treadmill, grabbed her coat and left, taking the dog with her.

So, to you, the man that rather kindly told that woman what all of us were thinking, THANK YOU. You get a high five today for doing the right thing. That girl? She should get a slap across the face. What a jerk.

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  1. That is horrible!! What is wrong with people???

    I give you permission to slap her across the face.