Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheese and w(h)ine.

Confession time: I am almost a control freak. I honestly don't know how you can become a lawyer without having some semblance of a need for control. So there is that. Combine my borderline Type A personality with the desire to plan things and you have near disaster, right?


Another related confession: I like the accolades when I plan and execute something well. Why else do you think I spent $75 on items for Bloody Marys for a brunch party? Answer: Because I knew that I could knock that drink out of the park and everyone would be impressed. (Um, and I did. I make the best Bloody Marys. A starter recipe from my former bartender brother and tweaking by yours truly means seriously good drinks. Seriously. Celery salt is key.)

So now you have a greater insight as to the inner workings of my mind. Imagine me, one who likes control, planning a multi-faceted party with both theme and location changes. Imagine the fact that I have delegated certain responsibilities to others because they want to help. (Face it, having a full time job means I need help.) Now imagine that I keep getting calls from the concerned guest of honor regarding tangential issues. And also, I have to drive two hours away to argue a big motion in court tomorrow. On the record. Did I mention that it's a Motion to Reconsider? (For all the non-lawyer readers, that means I have to go argue something that I have already lost.)

Don't get me wrong: I adore planning. Mostly because of confession number two. I can generally put together a good time for all attendees. But in addition to party planning responsibilities, I am stressed at work, stressed due to financial reasons, stressed because I feel as though I just don't have time to breathe, I feel a little crazy. Why else would I only be able to mutter the word "loca" in my Spanish class tonight?

This is why I am eating cold cheese curds with a glass of wine for dinner. Although, perhaps this was the most sane decision of my day.

I have such first world problems. I know this.

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  1. I'm the exact same way - and as soon as I'm done plannign one thing - like that event I put on for that charity, I already decided to have a holiday party?! WTF is wrong with me. I just finished bitching about how I'm sick of planning shit and then I'm all "come over for holiday cocktails!" I know the main reason I throw parties is so people come to me and I don't have to go anywhere - especially in the winter. But really, V? Chill the eff out.