Sunday, September 5, 2010

Live from a coffee shop!

Yeah. It's not really that exciting. However, moving means utilities are screwed up for awhile. (No Internet for two weeks. We might. Not. Make it. According to William Shatner, that is.) Therefore in order to get my Internet fix, I have to either (a) not work and get it all done during the day or (b) find a place that will feed me and my desire to get my Internet fix. Since (a) would not be conducive to my lifestyle because, ya know, I need my job, (b) it is. Thanks, Letizia!

Unpacking is  progressing nicely, for sure. Storage issues prevail, and we are still exploring those options, but we will figure it all out. Right? (Please say yes.) Additionally, we must find a home for an extra queen size bed. Stupid bed bugs rendering even slightly used mattresses unable to be sold on Way to cramp my style. Jerks. (On that note, does anyone else have an irrational fear of them? I swear, anytime I have an itchy spot, I become convinced that I am the one with the bed bugs. But I don't have them. I swear. Wanna buy a bed??)

Oxford, the wondercat, has vacated his hiding spot under the bed and come out to explore. Mainly that entails jumping on boxes, staring at the big, beautiful television and attacking his old buddy, the yoga mat. It's nice to see him getting used to the new digs.

As an aside (man, do I LOVE asides, huh), I really hate using the Internet in a public place. I feel that the dude writing in his composition notebook wearing a stocking cap is judging me for my constant checking of facebook. I HATE BEING JUDGED. True story. Especially because my Internet usage is probably something about which I should be ashamed. I like to do it at home. In private. No judgment. I mean, come on. New roomie loves his own Internet obsessions. And Oxford doesn't judge. Cuz he knows I'd bring up his yoga mat obsession and he'd be all "Touche." Truth.

Anyhow. I'm out. Mostly to make this dude STOP LOOKING AT ME. (Seriously. A stocking cap? I know we are having a cold front, but it's still 70 degrees out. You look ridiculous.)

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