Friday, September 3, 2010

Moving update: It's done!

Remember the entire month of August? When I chose to use this blog as a forum for non-stop bitching about moving? Well. Guess what? I have moved. Two days ago. The movers showed up TWO minutes early and finished about three hours less than the estimated time. We came in under budget. How often does THAT happen. (But seriously, I cannot recommend this moving company enough. I have used them twice, and both times have been blown away by their efficiency and care. Use them.)

So, P.I.C. and I have joined the ranks of the cohabiting couples. So far, so good. We had already determined that we would use my dishes, and solved the two knife sets problems by flipping a discovered-in-the-move candy coin, and are now trying to figure out places for all of our merged items. One annoying discovery? There are only two tiny drawers in the entire kitchen. We have no idea what to do with the flatware. (Suggestions welcome.) In fact, the kitchen, despite being recently remodeled, is sorely lacking in storage. It's irritating. However, we welcomed the dishwasher into our relationship with open arms, having ran it once intentionally. (Apparently, my butt/hip region kept bumping the "delay start" button and turning the dishwasher on. Oops.)

On another interesting (well, it's really not that interesting, but whatever) note: while we had no issues with the merging of the dishes, the DVDs might be a point of contention. Apparently, P.I.C. does not want to alphabetize my Sex and the City box set next to Star Wars. (Another funny aside: when I first made this accusation, I used Starship Troopers as the "s" starting man movie, and he was so completely offended that I would think he would own that movie. He was, however, quick to suggest Star Wars as the movie that might be closest to SATC. Nerd? You decide.) I began joking with him that my movies would be like the "secret stash" movies. I will have to wait til he goes out of town to break out Steel Magnolias. And if he were to come home in the middle of it, I'd have to come up with some quick explanation about why that was on the television. (By the way, I don't care if it's a total chick flick. I LOVE that movie with a fiery passion.) I imagine we will work out some sort of arrangement regarding the DVDs without causing each other any undue shame.

This cohabitation will be an adventure, I can see that. However, I can't imagine being on this adventure with anyone other than my P.I.C. (Cue the sappy music and audience cooing, "Awwww.") That is, if we don't kill each other over sharing the bathroom. That may be the biggest challenge. I mean, I know he's a dude and all, but he like to brush his hair one hundred strokes in the morning and one hundred strokes at night. I find that a little bit excessive. (KIDDING!) But still. The bathroom might be the tough room to get over sharing. We shall see.


  1. sounds painless enough! just wait until he starts with the taking off his shoes and leaving them EXACTLY where he took them off (read: center of the room so you trip over them when you are trying to get to the el bano @ 3 am). then you will be singing a different tune! (i kid...kinda) glad the move went well though!

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  2. Head to IKEA for kitchen stuff- they have lots of nifty thingies to solve space problems, including for flatwear.

  3. I lived in an apartment a couple years back with a kitchen that did not have any drawers, one tiny kitchen cupboard, the freezer only opened half way because of tiny aforementioned cupboard, and I swear my oven was actually an Easy Bake Oven. Smallest.Apartment.Ever.

    But then I discovered hanging flatware, and an abundance of my kitchen storage problems were solved: