Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Calm down, lady. I'm not trying to steal your money.

Today, P.I.C. and I met for a lovely lunch. It's always nice to see him in the middle of the day. Afterwards, we took a walk to the bank so he could deposit a check. We walked over to the nearby atrium where there were some ATMs out of the cold where he could do his business.

As P.I.C. stood at the ATM punching in his code and getting ready to feed his check into the machine, there was a woman at the ATM next to him having some rather apparent difficulties. A middle-aged woman with very badly-dyed blond hair, she was not the most polished lady in the loop today. Clearly. As I stood by P.I.C., she had tried to get the attention of someone through the window of a store in the atrium and walked away from the ATM. She walked back, looking rather disgruntled and frustrated, shooting me a dirty look as she re-punched in her PIN. Another lady walked up to help her, and Lady Number 1 explained, "It will only take two checks." She then lowered her voice and physically moved the other lady so that I was unable to witness what was transpiring at the ATM next to the one P.I.C. was using. She also shot me another nasty look.

I admit that I can have a staring problem. What of it? I find people interesting, and if I didn't eavesdrop, I'd never have anything to write about. However, I swear I wasn't fully staring at this lady. She just wasn't interesting aside from her apparent frustration that made me see her as a difficult person. Don't ask me how I made that determination, she just seemed like a bitch even BEFORE she glared at me.

CALM DOWN, lady. I seriously was NOT going to watch you enter your PIN, conspire to steal your card when you were not looking and steal all of your money. I promise. Sheesh.

(ALSO. For those of you who might appreciate these kinds of things, I said PIN, and not PIN Number. I know that's redundant. I also did NOT say ATM Machine. HELLO?! Redundant again. I'm so smart. I bet that lady at the ATM machine was having problems with her PIN number. She seemed the type to say those sorts of things.)

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  1. I love you. I hate redundancy. Especially of the ATM Machine and PIN Number variety. KILL.