Monday, December 6, 2010

Know yourself.

I am attempting to fit as much cold-fighting tea into my body over the next several days. I'm not sure if it is the fact that it is freezing in Chicago right now and I am breathing in cold dry air that makes my throat feel a tickle or the fact that I spent the weekend with one very congested P.I.C., but I am so paranoid that I am coming down with a cold.

My favorite new remedy for colds? Yogi tea. The "Cold Season" is like a Vicks Vaporub for your mouth and makes you breathe so much easier. I love it. Another thing that I love about it? It has little introspective sayings on the tab.

"It's not a privilege to know others. Know yourself. That's a privilege." (No author is noted.)

While I admit that I am not the most introspective person. I don't meditate, my yoga skills are very unrefined and other than writing out my gripes in blog format, I don't engage in much personal self-reflection. However, I do believe that after thirty years of life, I have a firm grasp of who I am. I am fairly certain that I "know myself."

But right now? I can't figure out if I am getting sick. (BUT I KNOW MYSELF...I SHOULD KNOW THIS.)

Oh, Yogi. Please save me.

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