Thursday, February 10, 2011

I heart a good snack.

My coworker and I were chatting about snacks today. I had just eaten a most delicious Greek yogurt with caramel and was commenting on how amazing it was, and she made the observation that snacks were essential to her life. (As an aside, if you have not tried the caramel Oikos, you are missing out. In fact, I give you this challenge: buy it, eat one, and TRY not to use your finger to get the last remnants out of the container. It's truly delicious.) I had to agree with her. Snacks ARE an important part of life.

Allow me to explain the following scenario:
P.I.C. and I are at a wedding. P.I.C. has not eaten since breakfast, and it is nearing dinner time. P.I.C. is getting increasingly crabby. I notice that I have a Lara bar in my bag from the week and offer it to P.I.C. What happens? P.I.C. instantly stops acting like a jerk.

See? Snacks are important.

Even when I think back to when I was younger, I remember my mom always having snacks on hand. Whether it was the handi-snacks that she would give to us as a surprise (thus starting my love for the fake cheese taste) or the mini-boxes of raisins she would tote around with her as we ran errands, snacks were always there. To this day, I can't resist a tiny little box of Sun-maids. They make me think of Mom. On a more practical note, they also abate hunger. Win for everyone!

Today, I keep some Trader Joe's trail mix in my desk drawer at all times. No one wants to be on the receiving end of my hunger anger. No one. Snacks keep me sane. You heard it here first.


  1. Snacks are amazing. It's a problem when I'm at work and starving bc we sell Godiva stuff, and the dark chocolate pretzels are yummy. But string cheese, pretzels, raisins, those handi snacks were yummy.

  2. Ah yes, your mom knew the power of snackage. Nothing quiets a car/grocerycart/stroller full of kids like a little bag of cheerios. Or goldfish!