Sunday, February 20, 2011

All the exciting things you likely don't care to know.

Remember how I said that I was not going to become obsessed with my wedding? How I didn't care that much? Blah. Blah. Blah.


I mean, I'm not fully obsessed. I will confess, however, that my nerves have been shot lately. I might have threatened to punch a caterer in his nether regions if he didn't send me a contract soon. Well, I didn't say that to his face. I said it to P.I.C. who laughed, then slowly hid my phone from me. As if?! We all know my level of passive aggressiveness. I might broadcast it on the interwebz, but I most CERTAINLY will not tell him that to his face. (Good news...I got the contract today!)

I had a truly lovely bridal shower, a fantastically food-rific engagement party (props to La Gondola...seriously, if you are a Chicagoan, you must go here. The food is delightful. I have fabulous dreams about their pastas) and our wedding date creeps nearer and nearer. I try very hard to not be one of "those" people and talk incessantly about my wedding, cuz seriously? No one cares that much. Just say, "Don't worry, it's open bar" and people will love you. (Also. It IS open bar. COSMOS FOR EVERYONE!!!!)

I mean, you can drink a cosmo if you want. I probably will stick to champagne. But the point is, if you WANT to drink cosmos at my wedding, you probably can.

In other, non-wedding related news, one of my "crazies," as I have not-so-affectionately nicknamed the people that sue my clients pro se (sans lawyer) has retaliated against my stellar courtroom performance. Yup, the seal has been broken and that S.O.B. sued me (please don't tell me you need to know what I mean when I say "S.O.B.") On Valentine's Day, no less! The very day I professed my love for the world and for my friends via blog posting. In any event, it's more annoying than anything. The man is legitimately mentally unstable. I didn't do anything wrong. But geez, if he wanted to send me a valentine, regular mail was fine...he didn't need to send a Cook County Sheriff. Stay tuned for updates on that little exciting bit in my life.

So, to recap: Crate and Barrel has taken over our tiny apartment. I got sued by a nutter. Wedding planning is slowly driving me mad.

Life sure is interesting here.


  1. You're entitled to go a bit crazy with the wedding - and if you're having an open bar, you can go a LOT crazy. Live it up!

    And that sucks about the suit. Just so messed up. :(

  2. I like to hear about your wedding! I also enjoy that if someone wants to have a cosmo, he or she "probably" can. Hilarious.


  3. Yay! I've been waiting for another wedding post and was tempted to comment and ask how it is going! (By the way, do you not have an "email me" button? Cause I couldn't find one.)
    When is the big day, again?

  4. I was wondering how your wedding planning was going. Isn't the big day right around the corner? Can't remember the date. Been a long week. And open bar makes everyone happy. And then your stepsister gets plastered and makes out with one of your new husband's life long friends in the art gallery basement. Oh wait. That just happens to me.

    And Sad day about being sued. Hopefully the nutter finds someone else to bother soon.

  5. Yep, getting married April 30. PRAY FOR ME. :)