Monday, February 28, 2011

...but how dumb was she?

I tend to refrain from work-related discussions here. Why? Mainly because I do not want this to get me into trouble. Underneath my rather fearless facade is still a scared little girl afraid of breaking curfew. However, what happened today really and truly needs to be shared with the masses.

I will tell you this: My client is SO dumb....

(And this is your part where you say....HOW DUMB WAS SHE???)

...Well, she forgot my name.

Sigh. True story. I spoke with her three times last week to schedule an in-person meeting in my office. I had left her at least three messages in addition to the times I spoke with her on the phone. In each of those messages, I stated clearly both my first and last name. I DID NOT STUTTER. In any event, we scheduled the meeting for this morning. On Friday, I had given her both the time and the location of our meeting, including the floor on which my office was located.

Ten minutes after she is supposed to have arrived, I received a call from another floor in my building. Client was down there, did I know she was coming? I assured that person, yes, I was expecting her, send her up. I continued my review of the client's file. Twenty minutes passed, and I began to wonder why no one has notified me to her presence. I left my office to look for her. She was not in our lobby area. I returned to my office and called client on her cell phone. She did not answer, and I left a message. I continued to review the file, getting more and more irritated. After another twenty-five minutes or so, I went to look for her again.

This time, I went up to the receptionist on my floor. At this moment, I began to realize the level of intelligence with which my client I was operating. My receptionist called the receptionist on the other floor and the mystery of the missing client was solved. Apparently, what had happened was this: Client went to one floor. They looked up her case, called me, and sent her to my floor. When she got to my floor, she had NO idea why she was there, and again had NO idea who she was there to see. (Allow me to remind you that she had spoken to me THREE times last Thursday and Friday.)

She eventually left saying, "I guess they made a mistake." (SERIOUSLY.)

I went back to my office and left another message for her on her voicemail. Of course, the instant I left my office, she began to call. Apparently she had left her cell phone at home. Additionally, she had "been all over the building and NO ONE had any idea what was going on." (REALLY!!??? INCLUDING YOU, DUMBASS.)

I counted to thirty before I called her back. I knew that it would serve no purpose to yell at her, and that this would likely get me in trouble with my supervisors. I called her back and politely told her she must remember my name. I even spelled it for her. I also told her that she should have my phone number on her in the event that she forgot my name AGAIN.

Sigh. Yep. My client forgot my name. That is how dumb she is.


  1. Oh my goodness! That is just ridiculous. I'm sorry you have to deal with such stupidity!

  2. I *hate* stupid clients. I hate them more than flakey clients. This one sounds like she needs your name and number tattooed on her arm.

  3. This is why I do insurance defense.