Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Oh my darling, oh my daaaaarling..."

"....oh my DAAAARLING, Clementine..."

I ate the most delicious clementine today. I'm not sure if I love clemetines because I can peel one in one fell swoop, or because they are the juiciest and most delicious fruit out right now. Maybe it is because they are squat-looking and a punchy bright orange color. Oh, I know. They taste like CANDY and not like a health food. That is ideal right now when I'm trying to shed a few pounds for the wedding.

One thing is for sure, clementines being in season are the ONLY good thing left of this winter. I'm over it.

(This posting was inspired by Faux Trixie and her posting today saying F.U. to winter. Oh, that and the most perfect little clementine that I consumed this morning. That too.)


  1. Apparently, my preschooler loves clementines and will eat them at all of his friends' homes. But, if I offer him one, he won't even try it because he knows it must be good for him.

  2. clementines are delicious, but blood oranges? 8 trillion times better. but they don't peel as easily, which is sadz.