Thursday, March 3, 2011

Did you know I am in The Smartly Chicago today?

Well, I am! If you feel like reading a little something-something from me about some characters I have encountered in Chicago, click on over at The Smartly Chicago and leave me some comment love. Please?

I will love you forever. Well, maybe. I might just be friends with you for awhile. It depends on your level of coolness.

Also, stay tuned. I may or may not regale you with the story of how I got the full body press on the el this morning. This is only after I have fully recovered from the experience and stop feeling phantom strange man breath on my neck.


But seriously. Go to Smartly. Read my bit. Read others' pieces. We all write and love it, and everyone loves the comments. So do it. Also, Smartly Chicago is looking for some more writers...if you've got something to say and can say it twice a month, go for it.

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