Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A rant (wedding planning edition).

Oh, wedding planning. How much fun are YOU? I shouldn't gripe, I know. But right now, I need to be reviewing doctors' notes and the like, not cutting out invitations (which, by the way, are AWESOME.) When I first began planning my wedding, my pal Miss Sass told me, "Get ready to be a part-time lawyer for the next four months." Little did I know, she was right. Even when I am not actively calling people to make the arrangements, the wedding is always on my mind.

Additionally, I am learning first-hand how weddings make people crazy. Truly. I am fully aware that there are certain issues with having my wedding in a big city, namely the people who do not live in said big city find it highly inconveniencing. There are the "Sighhhh, I guess I will figure out how to have someone give me a ride to the city, because I am really not that comfortable driving in there," comments and the "How about you pay for a shuttle for all of us from the hotel to the wedding site" comments, and the freak outs that the hotel is still too expensive (despite P.I.C. finding a stellar rate). These comments make me feel selfish for having my wedding in Chicago, despite the fact that I have had my life here for over ten years, this is where I live now, and where I intend to live for quite some time. Apparently, my selfishness is getting in the way of other people enjoying my day. I'm making my wedding rather inconvenient for some people. SIGH.

I know that this will all pass, but of course, the people that complain tend to be the people that have not offered to help. I'm not talking about financially, but rather just in general. Please don't add more things to my "to do" list without making it a little bit easier on ME. Yeah, this might be selfish. But it IS my wedding (OUR wedding), and we are primarily paying for it, so deal with it. DEAL. WITH. IT. And please don't complain (TO ME) about the cost of the hotel rooms. You are more than willing to find a better deal elsewhere. We set these up as an accommodation to YOU. Don't be upset that we didn't work miracles and get hotels for $80 a night. Not going to happen in down-town Chicago, babe. All this being said, go ahead and gripe about my decisions...but just not to me. I am doing the best I can on a budget. Please don't make me feel bad that I am not spending even MORE money to make life easier on you.

END OF RANT. (I would say sorry, but this is my blog and I am entitled to whine if I want.)

Those of you who are getting married and in the middle of wedding planning, or have planned a wedding, wanna share some stories with me too, so that I know I am not alone?


  1. That's so rude of them! Guess what people - you don't want/can't afford to deal with a city?? Don't go to the wedding, and send a giant gift. Also, if you want to complain, complain to your other friends, not the bride! I'm sorry you have to deal with this!

  2. I'm always amazed by the people who think that as a SUPER IMPORTANT WEDDING GUEST, the day should be all about them. I'm all for weddings that don't go out of their way to inconvenience guests (like, say, NOT asking 200 friends to take a week off to fly to some island for the ceremony), but it sounds to me like you've done everything you can to be accommodating. And all that you NEED to do to be accommodating. MORE than necessary, really. Sorry that people are turds.

  3. I have no pearls of wisom or stories to share. We eloped to avoid dealing with selfish aholes like the people who are complaining to you. I suppose next time someone whines you could always say, "Okay, then. I'll let the caterer/reception site/wedding planner know we'll have one less person."
    It's YOUR wonderful, lovely, disgustingly happy day. Everyone else can suck it.

  4. As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!"

  5. @Little J and @Amie, thank you for the kind words. :) Makes me feel less crazy.

    @Chunky saying suck it probably made my day.

    @KTP, LOVE the Full House reference. LOVE.