Monday, March 28, 2011

Random things that make me angry.

Oh, there are so so so many things that really irrationally anger me.

Today? It's vegans. No, I don't have a problem with people who choose to not eat meat for health reasons. I also have no problem with those people that choose to avoid animal products for cruelty reasons. I commend that. My real problem is those people that try to make me feel badly for MY choices.

So to you vegans-that-judge-me-outwardly-for-loving-the-crap-out-of-some-cheese...suck it.

Additionally, guy that lets the door slam in my FACE nearly every morning and then intentionally butts in front of me to get on the elevator before me? I hate you. I can't even see you in the building without a sneer over-taking my usually pleasant and kind face. LEARN SOME MANNERS. I can see you are married. Perhaps your wife is failing you by not reminding you that it is not polite to let the door slam shut in someone's face. I AM SORRY. But you irritate me by your very existence. Also, I call you "Mean Larry." Cuz you kind of look like Larry, but you are WAY MEANER.

Happy Monday, everyone. Clearly my week is off to a great start.


  1. I hate vegans and often have to point out that they are using a leather product of some kind.

    BOOM. Suck on that, vegans

  2. I love cheese. And leather. And milk. AND BEEF.

  3. LOL @ Amie!

    Mean Larry's Mom shoulda taught him better. Need me to come give him a smackdown?

  4. I just feel bad for vegans. I have determined that vegans must not like food. How sad is it when someone doesn't get enjoyment out of food. Seriously, I am related to people who truly and completely want to be vegan because they are against the cruelty to animals, but they simply can't give up good food. They don't eat beef, chicken, fish, all meat, won't buy/accept/touch leather (hard to buy presents for them), no gelatin (no skittles for their kids), but can't give up cheese or really good cake with eggs and milk. But vegans can somehow get beyond eating food without much flavor. Simply Sad.

  5. my brother dated a vegan for a while. we went out as a family to celebrate my 21st and i didn't want her to come (but we couldn't not invite her). so i decided i wanted to go to my favorite big game restaurant complete with animal heads on the wall. they're no longer dating. i like to think i played a role in that.

    god i hate vegans.