Monday, March 14, 2011

My new thing: Confessions Monday.

Lately, I haven't been as great and diligent at my writing. Much of the reason for that is my upcoming wedding. I feel as though my whole life revolves around getting my business in line for that. Honestly, I don't want to talk much about it any more! I just want it done.

So I decided: Let's do something different. It won't be about my wedding (usually). It will be informative for my casual reader because...I shall be telling you a CONFESSION each Monday. And if you don't care to read my confessions, I don't care much. I just need some way to exercise my writing muscles and this might help.

So, for the inagural confession Monday, I shall confess this: I ACTUALLY LOVE SEX AND THE CITY.

Sigh. I am embarrassed by my love for the show. I own the entire series and have watched it so many times that some of the discs no longer play. This is especially a problem when there are certain episodes I can no longer play. For example, I can no longer watch the episode where Miranda starts hooking up with her marathon buddy and they deal with the "butt-licking" issue. That is a particularly hilarious episode that I can no longer watch. This makes me sad.

When an ex-boyfriend bestowed these DVDs on me years ago, he had no idea of the ramifications. I would begin with Season One, the Pilot (you know, when Carrie had brown hair and would speak directly into the camera) and watch a few episodes each day. When I finished with the end of Season Six (Part Two), I would start over. Again. And again. And again.

I do feel slightly shameful about this. Then again, such is the nature of a confession: something about which you feel shame. Right?

Let it be known that I do not live my life like a Sex and the City girl. I do not buy expensive shoes (my budget does not allow it). I do not drink Cosmopolitans (I think they are rather gross). I do not sleep around. My friend and I do not identify ourselves with the characters, unless we are doing so in jest. I am not going to move to NYC anytime soon to "find love." (As an aside, did anyone else think that plot line in the first SATC movie was ridiculous? Who moves to a city to find LOVE?) I found my love in Chicago. So I'm good. I might drink champagne too much, and I might have a few girlfriends with whom I adore getting together and either eating and drinking ourselves silly, or just getting together and playing games, I am no SATC girl.

Honestly? I think the show is highly entertaining. I love New York. I love their clothes. I even love Carrie's stupid puns. I love the crazy situations. And yes, I can identify with some of the themes and feelings involved. I don't delude myself and tell everyone that my life is like an episode of SATC. (Says the girl with FABULOUS in her blog title. Sigh.) I am who I am. And who I am? I am a girl who loves SATC. Deal with it.

There you have it. My first confession of many. Maybe.


  1. Love it! I never watched when it was on, but I'm loving watching from the beginning through Netflix. No shame friend. You just have someone else to drink wine and watch with you!

  2. I would do that if I had the disks! I'm an Ally McBeal re-watcher, so I know the feeling!

  3. I've seen the episodes so often I can tell what and when something is deleted from the TBS censored versions.

    Even though I've come to realize that Carrie wasn't a very good friend, it's still a highly enjoyable way to pass time. :)

  4. I love it too. I would own the series if I didn't have three little hooligans sucking up all my cash for stupid stuff... like MILK! Bah.