Friday, March 11, 2011

Procrastination Nation.

My entire life has been defined by continual instances of procrastination. Paper due in college? I will likely start that the night before it is due. Final in college? I will go to my professor's dinner party in his fancy house, drink some wine, THEN study. In college, this seemed to work out fine. I graduated magna cum laude. (Fancy, right?) Well, I attempted that in law school. Turns out, procrastination wasn't really effective when the professors usually grade you based on one final exam that comprises of an entire semester of reading.

Sigh. I figured it out, procrastinated less (hey, I am who I am) and still...eked out mediocre grades. My procrastination meant that my first attempt at submitting my case note for evaluation (hoping to have it deemed "publishable quality"). Sadly, my first attempt was shot down. I know I procrastinated for my second attempt, but it was way more intense, with massive efforts at research, footnotes and writing being my life for two weeks before it was due. This time? Success. AND publication. (Win for me.)

Of course, these life lessons in "why you shouldn't procrastinate" never have stuck. I still scramble to get motions and answers on file by the deadline. Such is my life. Most lawyers will probably admit to procrastinating once in awhile, if not often. I promise you this.

My point? Well, in planning a wedding in a short amount of time, procrastination is not an option. I mean, it is, but you'll really screw up your plans. In any event, I have mostly been staying on top of everything. It's really a Christmas miracle, if you think about it. The procrastination queen is not procrastinating.

One of my good friends is a fabulous graphic designer, and she created our invitations (which are amazing and awesome and totally not wedding-traditional which is probably the reason I adore them SO MUCH). She dropped them off at our house the other night and I went to work. By that night, I had nearly cut them all out with my new and nifty paper cutter. The next night? I had finished cutting them out and addressed almost all of them. Yesterday, I went to the post office (got the sullen POST OFFICE WORKER to be nice to me...another Christmas miracle), got our stamps and finished the invitations. Did you HEAR that? I finished them. Well, with P.I.C.'s help. This morning? They went in the mailbox.

No turning back now.

Wow. This lack of procrastination must mean that I am READY to get married. (P.S. I totally am.)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a motion due on Monday that I haven't started. OOOOPS.


  1. Just get married in Vegas. There's no planning involved.

    (I actually had a really beautiful ceremony there. I'm only half joking. Not the chapels, but the hotels all do great all inclusive packages)

  2. Aww! Yay!

    Also, planning a wedding is FUN. Studying for school and writing motions is not.

  3. Ha - I've found I always procrastinate more with things that don't interest me as much. Planning for the wedding sounds fun (as it should be). Good luck with the rest of the details!

  4. Yay! Good for you, moving right along and getting stuff done.

  5. i prefer the term "deadline oriented."

    and holy batman, you're good at wedding planning! wowza.

  6. Good for you!

    I am the worst about proscrastinating too! And your undergrad years sound just like mine.