Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Socks for Japan.

Hello, my friends. I am about to get serious. I am not going to whine about my life (and its first world problems). I am not going to complain about people on the CTA. Nope. None of that. Today, I am going to ask that you do something for someone else. Some other people, really.

We are all aware of the tragedy that occurred in Japan last week. The loss of lives, property and general sense of safety over there is quite sobering. While we all have been inundated with requests to text "XXXXX" to a certain number to donate $10 to the Red Cross, I felt the need to do something a little bit different. The opportunity presented itself when received an email, forwarded from a very good friend of mine.

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask for your support in sending a much-needed piece of clothing to the evacuees of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I will be collecting socks to send to Japan in the next couple of weeks and would be grateful if you could donate a pair or two or more.

After the earthquake and tsunami hit, people fled for their lives without adequate clothing. Many people got their feet wet from tsunami water. It still snows occasionally in the northeast region of Japan, and feet get cold in the evacuation shelters at night where there's no heat. In the wake of tragedy like this one, we know that socks do not provide primary support. But they can be a token of care and comfort from someone far away. I believe that a pair of socks from you could put a smile on someone's face.

Here is how you can help:

1) Donate NEW socks. We will take every size, color, and style socks, for women, men, children, and babies. Please do not send used or unclean socks -- NEW socks only. You could hand-deliver or send them to the address below:
              282 4th St #1
              Jersey City, NJ 07302

2) If you're unable to donate socks, we will accept monetary donations. All proceeds will be used to buy socks on your behalf. You could find me on PayPal (, or you could send a check to the address above. Please note "Socks For Japan" on your PayPal payment or check.

To make the socks more personal, we will attach a message to every pair of socks you donate. Send in a photo of yourself by email if you want it printed on the message.

Please see attached pictures from my beloved friends who worked tirelessly to send out our first batch of socks to Japan. It would be great if we could send another package by the end of March.

Feel free to pass this message along to your friends and family. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me anytime. Thank you so much for your support.

Praying for Japan,

So in light of this brilliant venture to help out those in need of help in Japan, I implore you to go out, buy a pair of socks, and send to Makiko. Let's show those in Japan that we care and that they are in our thoughts in a more profound way that just "tweeting" or "blogging" that we care.


  1. I would highly suggest you read the comments from the comment section by Eido Inoue on the sock drive's site:

    I won't repeat what he said so please check that out before deciding to support this well-intentioned, but misguided effort. It's a feel good effort, but I don't think it's the most helpful or advisable way to help the Japanese people. Regardless of all the good points that Mr. Inoue made... all the postage spent to mail these socks could be donated rather than going to the USPS. Please donate to Japanese-based relief agencies such as the Red Cross, Save the Children - Children's Emergency Fund or the Salvation Army. The last two have been operating in Japan for quite some time now. Thank you for reading up on this. Kind regards...

  2. This is a helpful website with ratings for each charity to help guide you in your Earthquake/Tsunami relief donation: