Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wacky Wednesday.

Yes, I had a rather heinous day today, but I do NOT want to discuss it. It is Wednesday, the unofficial day in which I bore the crap out of all of you and update you on my training.

I was in Munich for the weekend (NO BIG DEAL, RIGHT?!) and managed two runs. GO ME. (And best gal pal. GO HER TOO.) We enjoyed the lovely surroundings of the Nymphenburg Palace and its lovely grounds consisting of trails through a forest and ponds with all sorts of crazy ducks and geese. While I skipped out on two strength sessions, I did log running miles and counted my hours of walking as my cross-training. Four miles on Sunday and three miles on Monday. We walked for part, but still...miles are miles, I say.

While I'm not as great or as fast as I had hoped, I am amazed that I have stuck with this training program so well. I might deviate a day or two, but I get back into it.

This morning, the scale was one pound less. NOT TOO SHABBY.


  1. You are going to ROCK the Shamrock Shuffle. Seriously, who loses weight during vacation?

  2. One thing I don't get - you were really there just for the weekend? I suppose Munich at all is better than no Munich, eh?

    And congrats on your stick-toit-ness!