Monday, March 26, 2012

Shamrock Shufflin' Success!

I completely forgot to update you on my training last week because life just got in the way.

In any event, I had a rather lazy last week pre-race. I got out for my Sunday long run (another 4.8 miles!) and then only ran one more time. The weather was hot, I was tired, and I barely eked out two and a half miles WITH walk breaks. I felt terrified for Sunday.

Sunday came. I woke up on time, feeling rested and ready to go. I was ready to beat my self-set goal of finish these eight kilometers in under an hour. After a very quick finish, I started to get tired. I accidentally shut off my running app in my phone. My pandora switched from the upbeat poppy music that keeps me going to a total emo channel. WHAT WAS HAPPENING?! We got to the end and there was a hill. It seemed NEVER-ENDING. Right around the corner was the finish.

I finished. I didn't take walk breaks save for the two water stations where I quickly downed a cup and trotted right back out there. I didn't even pause for P.I.C. to take my photo. I was in the zone.

My result? I beat my goal. I FINISHED! I DID SO WELL. I am patting myself on the back still, if you can't tell.

I celebrated by eating brunch and drinking bloody marys with good friends. After brunch, we went home, slightly buzzed. I signed up for a 10 mile race that's in nine weeks.

Let the training (and subsequent updates) resume. No rest for me.

I learned my lesson. Be VERY wary going out for brunch on a runner's high with running friends who will use those endorphins and vodka to convince you it's a good idea to run twice as far.

I'm doing it. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Woo hoo!! Congrats! Let me know when The next race is...I was so pumped when I saw do many friendly faces cheering me on when I ran the marathon, I'd love to come and support you the same way!