Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Juuuuuust behind the times.

In 2007, I gave up cable. I was living alone and not willing to prioritize it. I am VERY grateful for the person who left his or her wifi open for me so that if I perched JUST RIGHT on my window sill, I could facebook the crap out of an evening.

When my husband and I moved in together in 2010, we still didn't get cable. We were too cheap. We had netflix, and eventually hulu, so it was fine. We survive by marathon watching all of the good shows about a season and a half behind the current season. It stinks waiting, but the instant gratification of being able to say "just one more episode" is quite delicious.

Lately, we have been on a Mad Men kick. I'm not entirely sure why, but I had no interest in ever watching the show. Since we just wrapped up Season One of Boardwalk Empire (wooo!), I was ready for a new series. I was home sick from work one day and started watching.

Honestly? It's kind of boring. But I am still inclined to follow the show. Why not, right? I do, however, have some questions for you Mad Men watchers out there.


1. Why is Peggy Olson just a beyotch? Seriously. I cannot STAND HER.

2. I totally called Peggy's pregnancy. But seriously, she can't even say GOODNIGHT TO HER KID? (Alright, I'm a few episodes into Season Two.) AND HOW DID SHE NOT KNOW SHE WAS PREGNANT?

3. Why is Betty Draper such a boring and petty person? Ugh. WE KNOW, BETTY, YOU WERE A MODEL.

4. Pete Campbell, seriously? I just cannot stand him. I get that he's a rich and entitled kid. STOP MAKING HIM TALK LIKE THAT. IT DRIVES ME NUTS.

5. Why is Roger Sterling so sexy? Add the hipster glasses and I go nuts. F'real. I don't care that he's a jerk.

6. Why do I care that Don Draper is such a putz? Why does he continue to kiss other girls? Well, I think I answered that question with by third inquiry. Betty Draper? Ugh. Hot, but no substance. No thank you.

7. If I were inclined to like the ladies in that way, I DEFINITELY would go for Christina Hendrix over January Jones. This isn't really a question, but I would love to know which way you roll on this issue.

Stay tuned for more questions. I am sure that I will have more.


  1. Hey!

    So I think Peggy is a bitch because she is from a stiff Catholic family. She wasn't 'tainted' yet. She was a virgin and barely ever drank when Season One started.

    I have no idea how she had no clue she was pregnant. I mean, that is super naive! I mean, she is clearly smart so....

    Betty Draper was treated and placed on a pedestal by her father and mother, so she just thinks she can move through her life by her looks.

    Pete Campbell will continue to piss you off. Sorry, even with current episodes. HA!

    Roger Sterling is ridiculous. In the coming seasons, you will see him do some pretty unsavory things.

    These are great questions!

  2. Selected answers to your questions. This show gets so involved and entwining, I can't quit it. And the season that just started looks pretty excellent.

    You will grow to love Peggy. She starts out as kind of awful, but then you learn more about her and she gets WAY less awkward (those bangs, I just...) and then you're like "ok yeah you're all right."

    Betty is annoying. My cat is a better mother than she is. And my cat is a boy who decapitates his toys over his dish of food.

    Pete is horrible and I hate him. He is the worst character on the show, and that is saying a lot since it's full of adulterers and other various jerkfaces.

    Joan > Betty the end.

  3. Peggy is awesome and you will come to love her.

    Betty is sad and is a model (heh) of what was wrong with more or less forcing women to be homemakers...any ambition she may have had was stifled. And she is stuck staying home while her douchey husband whores it up (I find don fascinating, but still a douche). While she is incredibly unsympathetic, I find her so interesting...she, instead of Peggy, is what I would have been forced to be if we didn't have things like the civil rights act of 1964 pass.

    I also hated Pete at first, but have also come tO enjoy him as a character. He grows on you!!!