Friday, April 20, 2012

Training: S*@t's about to get serious.

Hi guys. My obstructed internet access is really cutting into my ability to REGALE you all with stories of my running. Don't be sad. I'm right here. I'm gonna tell you about how my training schedule stopped being polite and got real.

1. Tomorrow I run 5 miles. NBD, right? Well, I have run almost five miles once. But see, I have to do that on race day. TWICE.
2. Five weeks til d-day. That means I have to run tomorrow run twice. SCURRRRY.
3. I ran four miles before work on Tuesday. I feel like I should've gotten my eggs AND some damn french toast. Alas, I just ate my eggs.
4. I have seriously started looking at the training for a half marathon. WHO AM I, AND WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LAZY SELF?

Seriously, what the hell. What freaks me out the most? I'm kinda super excited about the whole thing.


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