Wednesday, April 4, 2012

That darn cat.

Oxford begs. I am not sure why this is. I lied. I know exactly why this is. I tend to see what people food he will eat. It's my own animal experiment. Sometimes, I am a horrible cat mom and feed him things that could be potentially toxic. (Ask me about the grapes. Sigh.)

Last night, we were enjoying taco night with some perfectly ripe avocados. My favorite part of taco night? Leftover avocado. I put it on my plate, sprinkle with a little bit of sea salt, and eat plain. Really, truly delish. If that's not your style, I highly suggest you make it so. It's great. So, I'm sitting there, enjoying the last slice of avocado when I see him staring at me, with those big fat cat eyes.


I responded. "Cat, you do not like avocado, knock it off." But then I got to thinking...has he TRIED avocado? Perhaps not. Maybe he will like it. Let's try it.

I gave him a smidge on my finger. He licked it off as if it were ice cream (which is only his most favorite food after peanut butter). Of course. This weirdo of a cat LOVES avocado. Or the salt. I couldn't figure it out. P.I.C. and I had a chuckle at his weirdness and went on with our evening.

It then dawned on me...what if avocado is toxic to cats? OH NO. Of course, I go to google to diagnose. Turns out, it IS toxic to cats. Sigh. Worst cat mom ever. I only gave him a little bit, so I think he'll be okay. He didn't puke last night, so I think signs are good.

BUT. This morning, when P.I.C. woke me up, he told me that if Oxford hadn't puked from the avocado, he was sure to puke later. Apparently, a knot of hair that I had removed from his luxurious mane and forgotten to throw in the garbage (oops) was sitting on the coffee table. P.I.C. was sitting on the couch with his coffee when Oxford carefully climbed on the couch, leaned over to the coffee table and SNARFED up the hairball.

Gross. He will definitely vom that up later. But of course, no one TALKS about the toxicity of hairballs.

Oxford is such a treasure.

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  1. Don't feel bad... only the pit of the avocado is toxic :)