Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Check-in...again.

I forgot, I am training. Ya know, for the ten mile race I slightly drunkenly agreed to run. Remember last time when I updated my training progress on Wednesdays? I have decided to keep on doing just that. I feel by posting here, I at least make myself accountable. I certainly do not want to post one week and be all..."oh yeah...I wimped out." NOT ON MY WATCH.

After the Shuffle, I took one day off and started on week two of the training program. Thanks, Hal, for making your programs relatively easy to follow! (Especially for former non-runners like me!) It was manageable and I felt pretty good given that I was in decent shape following my last race.

Even better? This time, P.I.C. is joining me for all the fun activity. Honestly, I feel slightly burnt out right now. Having him there motivating me to get out there and run really helps. We are only on three miles this week (well, four this Saturday), but I'm struggling. Last night, I did NOT want to get out there and run. P.I.C. forced the issue. I'm so glad I went. I did realize one thing, however. I HAVE to do my runs in the morning during the week. I am simply just too tired and lethargic to run after work. Furthermore, the risk of me skipping workouts at night is HUGE. If I just get up and go, I have tricked my body into just letting it happen. So back to the morning workouts.

Additionally, I will take any words of wisdom from more experienced runners/athletes/trained people. This is by far the farthest distance I will attempt to run, and I am more than a little bit terrified.

Help me get to be a little bit faster. Pretty please? Oh, and for me to not die in my attempt to run ten miles. Thank you.

Until I can get myself faster, I guess logging the miles slowly will have to do. I feel like I was crazy signing up for this race. Let's try to prove that feeling wrong, shall we?

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