Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coach, I gotta USE it.

When they are not making us want to pull our hair out, the girls on our softball team are quite hysterical. They are antsy, silly and funny. (Hey, kinda like me!)

One of my favorite things they say is in reference to the rest room. Well, I don't think that you can technically call a portapotty a "rest room" but you get my gist. Because some of our games take so long, and apparently we are a team of tiny bladders, at least twice during the game, the girls will come up to either myself or C and say, "Coach, do I have time? I really gotta USE it." I had never heard this way of expressing the desire to relieve oneself. Of course, the universal antsy dance was my key to completely understanding what they were after. Once I figured out they meant make a trip to the portapotty, we always answer the same: "Yes, but you have to RUN."

"Using it" always makes me laugh. It makes me think of them dancing around, full of the sugary pop they consume all throughout the game and the seriousness with which they take our directive of "RUN." (Well, that's only sometimes. There are times we have to holler at them again if we see dawdling.)

Of course, the last time we let more than one girl go to "use it" at a time, there was an altercation with another team on their way back resulting in a parent and her children running across the field in the middle of the play to go find out what was happening.

New rule? Only one girl can go "use it" at a time.

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