Thursday, May 27, 2010

A random thought.

Last night in the midst of a very tortuous run (seriously, running in 80-plus humid weather is really asking for it), I noticed a piece of a hair extension on the sidewalk. I began to wonder how that extension came to lie on the ground.

My thoughts:
(1) There was a wicked girl fight and it was ripped out as a result. Actually, this is usually what I think when I see a random hair extension on the ground. I find them more often than you would think.
(2) A woman in a passing by car noticed it was loose, pulled it out, and let it fly out the window. This disturbs me. One, I hate littering. And two, I thought hair extensions were very expensive. If you're paying that kind of money for your "hair," why would you throw it away.
(3) It blew out of someone's garbage. This is probably the most likely answer, don't you think?

This morning, I wonder, is there a woman walking around with a bald spot in an awkward place, or did she go immediately to have it repaired?

And, to accompany this odd assortment of thoughts, here is a photo of me trying on some of Jessica Simpson's finest extensions.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. That's great. I loved the combination of ill matching hair plus hands on hips j lo pose. Very good. I think we all should sport ill matching hair thangs.

  2. Why not?! I was having a more J-Woww vibe with that style, actually.