Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is it a smoothie or a shake? You decide.

Lately, both P.I.C. and I have been trying to get in shape. This involves efforts at the gym and eating better. We share recipes and both come up with creative and healthy dinner ideas to further this endeavor. Furthermore, the constant dining out was breaking the bank in addition to expanding both of our waistlines. Honestly, this is the best way to change your lifestyle, buddy-style. We are moving in the right direction, I firmly believe.

However, the other day, I go into P.I.C.'s freezer and notice that he has ice cream in there. Here goes the conversation.

F.A.: "Um, how come I didn't know you had ice cream in your freezer? I'd have tapped into that awhile ago."
P.I.C. "Oh, I don't eat the ice cream, I use in in my smoothies. You know, with the berries and oatmeal."


F.A. "You mean the smoothies you make for breakfast?"
P.I.C. "Yeah."


F.A. "That is called  milkshake."
P.I.C. "But it has fruit. And I eat it for breakfast. It's a smoothie."


F.A. "Nope. If it has milk, it's a shake."

The subject is dropped for awhile, we go about our business. But perhaps twenty minutes later, I remind him of his odd morning meal choice.

F.A. "I can't believe you've been eating milkshakes for breakfast."

He had no response, obviously. The other night, I was assembling leftover dessert from my cooking night. Alright, I know I said we were taking efforts to eat better, but I'll be damned if I'm about to let homemade dessert go to waste. I was heating up the homemade hot fudge sauce. (See here my dessert attempt and for  a picture. Yum, right?!) Here's the ensuing conversation.

F.A. "Man, I should've gotten some vanilla ice cream at Dominick's. This hot fudge would be kick ass on that."
P.I.C. "I have ice cream in my freezer, silly."
F.A. "Oh, right. For your smoothies." (Yes, smoothies was said with accompanying air quotes.)

There was silence as I diligently spooned the steaming hot fudge sauce onto the panna cotta.

F.A. "Oh, well, do you want the leftover hot fudge to take home? You know, for your smoothies?"

And now you know, I always get the last word. Always.

(P.S. Let's do a reader poll: Do we think P.I.C. is having milk shakes for breakfast? Or are you buying his smoothie explanation?)


  1. Milkshakes.

    I, make smoothies. Sans ice-cream.
    : )

    Congrats on getting in shape!!! We have races to run!

  2. I was unable to comment yesterday, so here's hoping this works!

    I posed your question to my bf, since he is also a fan of "smoothies," replete with ice cream and fruit, and sometimes malted milk powder.

    He believes that regardless of the ice cream, if the primary ingredients are fruit and milk, then that qualifies as a smoothie. Not sure I buy it, but he was pretty convincing. :)

  3. Well, he thinks the addition of protein powder and the fact that the recipe came from Men's Health were two important facts that I left out...

    Thanks for the response!