Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Date has been set.

It is officially official. P.I.C. and I have set the date for our wedding. We chose a nice short engagement of three and a half months.


The insanity begins. Photographer. DJ. Food. Cake. Tables. Decoration. Cake. Booze. Cake. Invitations. Cake. Booze. Ya know, the important stuff.

Oh. And I have to go dress shopping. Honestly, I suspect that I am the least enthused of all women to try on and obtain my wedding gown. Barf. I'd rather have someone say "here, wear this." Oh, and not have to pay $1,000 for it. That too. However, shop for a gown I shall.

Maybe I will get something like this:

Oh, hi. It's me. Me and my understated and exceedingly elegant bridal gown. Of course, my bridesmaids' dresses parallel the elegance of mine. BRIDE 4 LIFE.

NOT. (OK, I know this is not what people say anymore, but I tend to appreciate a good "NOT" joke. So bring it.)

P.I.C. is so cute. I was whining about trying on dresses the other day. His response? "Well, don't you get to drink champagne and wine and stuff? That shouldn't be too bad." Bless his heart, he knows how to aim for my weak spots. Why do you think I am wearing this ring?

HAHAHAH. Just kidding. I love him. Which is why we are getting married. Not because I want a wedding. Because honestly? The wedding just seems to be a pain in the ass right now.

I shall now take ten minutes and look at my designated Zen photo:

That's better.


  1. Congrats on choosing at date! You could pretty much wear anything and it'd be more attractive than what the bride up there is wearing! Good luck!!

  2. Yeah, planning a wedding IS a pain in the ass, so I say the simpler the better. Spend all the money and stuff on a kickass honeymoon or an awesome home or something. It saves you a lot of heartache and stress, plus people give you gift money, so hooray for stuff!
    Anyway, congrats and hope all goes well with the planning!