Friday, January 14, 2011

My eyes are like leaky faucets.

Obviously, I have become a woman obsessed. Wedding planning has taken over my life. I mean, it was our decision to plan it in three and a half months, so perhaps we have brought this on ourselves. Of course, planning a wedding in such a short amount of time means lots of stress.

Anyone who has had the intense pain pleasure of planning a wedding knows that it breeds stress in levels unknown to most folks that have never been in this position. As of this week, my stress has started to manifest itself in tears. It's not even the actual planning of the wedding that makes me cry. It is other external factors. Oh, someone posted an article about an abandoned dog? SOB. That commercial about the three-day breast cancer walk? SOB SOB SOB. I lost a motion that I should have won? SOB (SCREEEAM) SOB (and please don't tell anyone else I cried over a motion. Please.)

Yes, part of it is my lack of sleep. I truly believe that if I had a pensieve like Dumbledore (my FIRST Harry Potter excited!) and could take those troublesome thoughts out of my head, I would be able to rest at night. For now, it's all thoughts of wedding stuff. Before all of this, I swore that this wedding would not consume me. Now, here I am, all-consumed. The one thing that helps me out is knowing that as of May 1, it'll just be me and him, and the wedding will be dunzo. Hooooray. He will be my P.I.C. officially. Although, I feel that to commemorate this event, I should reflect his status change with a nick-name change. Any suggestions?

For now, can you please refrain from sending me any darling forwards that might reference abandoned puppies? Can you please not discuss any sort of tragedy in my presence? Most of all, pretty please with sugar on top, can you please not say that I am now a Virgo and not a Libra??? I really appreciate it.

Or if you can make me a wizard and provide me with a pensieve. That would work too.


  1. Oh lordy, my stress also manifests itself in uncontrollable tears. I know I need a damn break when I find myself sobbing in the shower because it's the only available release.

    Have I suggested that you delegate? If I have, I really meant it. DELEGATE. If I haven't, I'm suggesting it right now and I really mean it. Keep the cake testing for yourself, but put somebody else on the dj or florist. For realz.

  2. I second Amie. Delegation will help HUGE. Especially for those details that aren't as important. Stamps? Send P.I.C. to get them. Just need a limo driver? Someone else can book that.

    Try to enjoy the wedding planning, but remember, it's just a day. You will be gorgeous. You will both be madly in love and then you get to spend the rest of your life with him and wedded bliss. It will be great.

    And what about happy cheerful playing puppies? Is that banned too?

  3. I still cry over Homeward Bound, The Incredible Journey! I know that Shadow is going to come across that hill, but I bust into tears every time I watch it!