Friday, January 28, 2011

Life is good.

Yesterday started out like this:

P.I.C. "Good morning!" (hands me coffee)
F.A. (unintelligible grunt) :::SLURP:::

P.I.C. "Why don't you have another sip of coffee."
F.A. ::::SIP::::
P.I.C. "Cuz Oxford puked on the chair and I have to leave, so you are going to have to clean it up."


I am getting ready to run out the door when I notice something that looks like a piece of paper stuck to Oxford. I run my hands along his back and realize...I just touched cat feces. Since I was getting ready to leave, I had to make due with a quick scrub of his behind with a soapy paper towel in an attempt to clean him up (which is JUST AS FUN as it sounds). Awesome. Puke AND poop. My cat is a vile little creature. Really.

Then I go to work. It's fine, but Larry won't leave me alone. It's like he wants to hang out in my office til I agree to go to another county on Monday. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. LEAVE ME ALONE, LARRY.

After work, I then have to go to my friend's house to check on her kittens. (I have my fingers crossed that there are no puke/poop issues there.) My CTA card will not work. This is about where I have had it. I was SO OVER yesterday and ready to burst into tears.

Then it happens. The bus driver smiles and me, waves me on, and invites me to have a seat. WHAAAA? For real? Yes. It was happening. Then P.I.C. agreed to come pick me up from my friend's house. The day was slowly turning around.

I got to my friend's house, freshened up the food and water for the kitties, then sat down with a cup of tea and a bridal magazine (I am attempting to be a good bride now). My friend has two cats: one is friendly and sweet, the other one is definitely more cautious and usually makes me bleed because she is so cute, and I cannot resist petting her. This time was different, however. She jumped on the couch and looked at me. I moved the magazine to see if she was actually going to sit on my lap. SHE DID. Not only did she sit on my lap, she nestled her little body up to mine and started to purr. It was SO DARLING. (I LIKE CATS. SO WHAT?!)

P.I.C. then picked me up. We got home and more WONDERFUL things happen. I got a little package from another dear friend containing note cards that say "The Future Mrs. P.I.C." (Actually, they say P.I.C.'s last name on it, not P.I.C., but you get the gist.) Then we got to eat leftover Costa Rican food which is STILL amazing ("pura vida" indeed). We had some wine. We also watched the first disc of Modern Family.

I was SO HAPPY by the time I went to bed, I almost forgot about the shitty morning. Yes, it's true, my morning was literally shitty.

I am fully aware that this was likely a very boring rendering of how my day went yesterday. However, it just goes to show you, it doesn't take too much to turn a day around. For me? It was a kind bus driver, a snugly kitten, and a reminder that I have amazing friends. The wine? That didn't hurt either. I really should stop whining about my life. It's pretty great.


  1. Yay! Glad you had a good day!
    (I read your blog all the time, but I don't remember if I've ever commented before... Just so you don't think this was totally random, lol.)

  2. Wine and friends are the only thing I need to feel better too!