Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New source of comedy...bridal magazines.

According to this wedding magazine, one way of making my wedding truly unique is to have a signature color.

Allow me to take a dramatic pause.

Signature. Color. Are these people serious? Would you like another suggestion to really make your wedding special and unique? Start a bridal blog. Well, lucky for YOU GUYS, I kind of have. Not really. Because I have been so busy with planning my wedding (which, apparently, I'm not allowed to call SHOTGUN because I am not pregnant...good to know) that I figured that most people didn't want to hear all about my details. I am tired of the details, truth-be-told.

Hey, if I get in a creative wedding rut, at least I have this magazine article that will help me make my wedding special. "Pick a special font." That doesn't seem too difficult. I can do that. How about another suggestion. "Bedazzle your Bouquet." Now I am convinced that the author of this article is a thirteen year-old girl. Although my inner teenager is squealing at the idea of putting sparkles on EVERYTHING, this does not seem to be a really great and unique idea for my wedding day. That's just me though. As an aside, anyone interested in having a bedazzling party? T-shirts? Pillow cases?

Or, ya know, I could just focus on the fact that I'm marrying an awesome dude. That might make it special too. (Sadly, that is not listed among the 75 suggestions.)

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  1. I'm totally down for bedazzling. Perhaps at our Harry Potter Party we should also make awesome sparkly jean jackets?