Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Everyone is talking about a diet...

New Years resolutions has brought a rash of blog postings about losing weight. Getting healthy. Getting to the gym. I'm sure, if I had made an effort to get to the gym at any point in the last three weeks, I would have noticed a certain increase in the early morning traffic. You'll notice that my postings have not focused on these goals.

Sadly, I have been a gym flunky. Of course, I want to get healthy. Of COURSE, I don't want to be a tubby bride (and a big fat THANK YOU to P.I.C. for putting that particular phrase in my head*). I just am a lazy individual. So sue me. It's freezing outside. I am not sleeping well. My life is full of stress. I just don't want to work out these days. I drink cup after cup of green tea thinking, "THIS IS HOW I WILL DO IT. THE POUNDS WILL MELT AWAY NOW." I will let you know if it works out.

I'm not judging anyone for posting about weight-loss related issues. I most-certainly could take a page from their books and attempt to make myself accountable for getting in-shape. So, at this time, I am making a request. Can you please motivate me? We are at T-minus 101 days til wedding day. Help me.

Also, do not worry about the green tea tip. I got that memo, and I am AWESOME at it.

* P.I.C. didn't call me a tubby bride, nor did he say that I was going to be one. He merely suggested that this would be his way of motivating me to get up early in the morning to go to the gym. I kindly suggested that him calling me a tubby bride would be my motivation to give him a black eye. Problem solved. I'm going to be a great wife.

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  1. Small threats of violence are always good bargaining tools in a marriage. haha