Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The dumpster incident.

Yesterday morning was similar to any other in that I awoke with full-on cob webs in the brain. I didn't have to get up early because my coworker and I had to drive quite a distance for a deposition. I still woke at a relatively normal hour to sit and have a little coffee with P.I.C. since I wasn't sure what time I would get home.

He was busy getting ready when he asked me to run out to his car and look for something. No problem. I walked out our back door and felt instantly confused. The dumpster was missing. At this moment, I merely had one sip of coffee in my system, so this threw me off. I turned to my right and found the dumpster: prominently placed squarely behind my neighbor's parking spot.

Please be advised that this vehicle was not, in fact, my neighbors' vehicle. We had commented the night before that it was interesting that a strange car was in our neighbors' spot, but just assumed they'd had house guests.

APPARENTLY NOT. I went back inside and hollered at P.I.C. "LOOKOUT THE BACK WINDOW." He did, and he noticed one other thing on the car that I had missed. A NOTE. Oh, this made my passive aggressive heart SO happy. So not only did my neighbors leave a note, they ALSO pinned this car in with our building's dumpster.

Sigh. Since I was home for much of the morning, every time I heard commotion in the alley, I would walk to the back window and peek out. The dumpster (and car) remained in place. A few hours later, however, I did notice an additional note that I could fully read. "PLEASE DO NOT PARK HERE. PRIVATE PARKING. YOU WILL BE TOWED."

Within five minutes of spotting THAT bolder note, the dumpster was back in its rightful position and the mystery vehicle was gone. Sadly, I did not see the offending party, nor their removal of the dumpster. I felt as though I was the WGN Morning News team and had missed that bridge falling down on live TV.


Actually, I was sad to miss the aftermath, but glad that I didn't have to maneuver our car around that dumpster. While funny, the dumpster made it infinitely more difficult to get in and out of our spot. Good thing I was able to get out. I write notes for that sort of offense.

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