Thursday, May 12, 2011

An inappropriate conversation.

Yesterday, it became very apparent that one of my colleagues was having an issue with her child. A puberty issue, to be precise.

No sooner had I entered the ladies' room when I began to realize the issue. Her son was beginning to ask questions. She was deep in a conversation with another coworker when I walked in.

"Mom, when I get older my voice will get lower, right?"

"I'm gonna get real hairy, just like Dad, right?"

"But what happens to the girls?"

Yeah, that's the one that stopped her in her tracks. However, lucky for us, we have lots of coworkers to whom we may pose questions. As my colleague went on and on about how to tell her son, the other coworker with whom she was lamenting the situation began to commiserate.

"My son is nine years old and he's already got the hair. In fact, he had no problems dropping his drawers to show everyone his hairy nuts."

HAIRY NUTS. Yes. This was said in the ladies room.

At this moment, I hurriedly dried my hands and ran out of the bathroom to her explaining to the first lady that she had to teach him that "dropping drawers" was not, in fact, socially acceptable behavior.

Man. Kids sound like so much fun. (Also file this one under coworkers have THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE conversations.)

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