Friday, May 13, 2011

The jaunty walker...look out, ladies!

Yesterday, my coworker and I were walking in the loop to take care of some business. We were stopped at an intersection when I noticed a rather peculiar-looking fellow. It wasn't so much his appearance as it was his demeanor. He was practically leering at the cars waiting to turn right. Then I heard him mumble something to a lady in a minivan, see her shake her head and chuckle, then she made her right turn. The light changed, and he crossed the street in a rather jaunty fashion, arms at ninety degrees, butt swishing a bit from side to side. In my mind, he had some song in his head playing causing him to have that little strut.

I started giggling and pointed him out to my coworker. She asked me, "Well, didn't you hear what he said? He was like, 'Do you want to go to the movies with me?' to that lady."

That little blurb along with the jaunty walk I witnessed set me on fire. I couldn't stop laughing.

Today, after my standing Friday lunch date with my husband and another former coworker, I was telling the story as we walked back to our respective offices. I had just started imitating the jaunty walk (because really, what's a good story without a little animation, amIright???) when P.I.C. stops me (RUDE...never ever interrupt a good animation) and says, "WAIT. What did he look like?"

I described the man and P.I.C. interrupts me AGAIN. "I KNOW THAT GUY."

Apparently, shortly before my coworker and I saw this fellow, he was in court. With my husband. Apparently, just outside of the courtroom, this man walks up to an attractive lady and asks her, "Can I take you to dinner?"

SERIOUSLY. He then proceeded to wait in the front row of the courtroom waiting for his case to be called.

How crazy is that? We both encountered the jaunty walker. I wonder how it changes his stride if a lady actually accepts his invitations...I will have to contemplate that, then come up with an animation for that. You know, for future story-telling purposes.

Ladies of Chicago, be aware. There is a jaunty walking man strutting his stuff all over the loop looking for love. You might be next.

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