Monday, May 16, 2011

One thing I love...

I really, really love to cook. I know I have mentioned it before. Furthermore, I created a blog to chronicle my adventures in food. I figure I should probably start writing in there more because my awkward happenings tend to revolve around food. For concerned parties, please be advised that my finger still hurts. Stupid limes.

Also exciting is the fact that my kitchen is becoming more and more grown-up with each passing day. Oh yes, I have acquired the Cuisinart food processor. I have REAL knives. Pots and pans are on our agenda. And we are well on our way to having a full set of plates WITHOUT chips.

I also really, really love to have dinner parties and cook for my friends. P.I.C. thinks this is weird, but me? I love it. Seeing someone enjoy my food fills me with immense pleasure. So, SEE? There are real and tangible benefits to being my friend. I feed you. And probably wine you too.


  1. Don't even get me started on food! Hello?? CHUNKY MAMA?? They don't call me that for nothing.
    The chipped plate thing made me laugh because Hubby and I started using plastic cup after chipping/breaking EVERY SINGLE GLASS we own.

  2. I long for the day when I am excited about food and cooking again. Stupid culinary school took it out of me.