Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm in a vacation state of mind.

I am about to depart for Midway for a much-needed weekend of sun, fun and girl-time. After five and a half hours in the car this morning (we really can be road warriors in this job), I had the afternoon to myself to ease into my vacation mindset.

My vacation mindset generally entails a few drinks, any sort of diet precautions to the wind, and dancing on any sort of elevated surface. Well, that's what it has been in the past. Today, I had the revelation that my table-dancing days may have come to an end. And my pre-vacation lunch? Carb free. Egg whites and spinach with a little feta. (GROSS!) However, I will have you know that I did have a nice hearty pour of a chilled pinot grigio with my egg whites. Hey, the white wine is the perfect accent to a gorgeous spring day.

So, I might be a bit off on my usual vacation attitude given my post-driving run and my nearly carb-free lunch, but I am ready for Florida shenanigans. Pissy Lissy, look out! I'm on my way.

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