Friday, April 2, 2010

Living life frantically today.

It is that time of year when everyone in Chicago gets a bit giddy.  The temperatures have hit 80 degrees for the first time since 2009.  Ladies are donning their latest spring dresses.  (Oh yes, I'm in that group.)  People are wearing flip flops, and others are complaining about the fact that people are wearing flip flops.  (Not me there, I am wearing cute peep-toed flats, but I won't judge a flopper...they're comfy!)  And the restaurants and beer gardens are packed. 

Of course, anyone who has survived a year in Chicago knows why there is this frantic appreciation of the weather.  We all watch Tom Skilling and know that just around the corner is a 20 degree drop and rain.  Furthermore, it's not completely unlikely that we could see snow again.  Come on, it's early April.  We have seen snow in April before.  We have come to expect it.  But when we get that rare, gorgeous day early in the season, we are all sure to develop a punchy attitude.  We will spend as much time outside as humanly possible.  Long lunches to soak up the sun are overlooked generally by the bosses.  And attempting to snag the outside seats at our favorite bars and restaurants becomes a sport.
Hopefully this summer will be more typical than the last.  Sunshine.  Heat.  Humidity.  All are welcome in my book.  Summer 2009 in Chicago was just rather lackluster.  There were not too many days of heat and humidity.  In fact, my one trip to the beach on one of the few dreadfully hot days almost culminated in hypothermia.  Well, not really, but dipping oneself into the water in Lake Michigan was akin to taking a bath with ice cubes for added chilliness.  It was downright freezing.  While it is always cold, this was ridiculous.
In light of last summer's depressive state, the exuberance from the patios is completely understandable.  So if you're looking for this chica tonight, you're likely to find me frantically enjoying the near-80s temperatures, cold beer in hand and a big smile on my face.
Smile, Chicago.  This is why we live here.  It's summer.  For today.

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