Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trying to earn my hipster cred

Last night was my first attempt at one of the irreverent hipster social scene known as the "undiscovered music world."  Yes, folks, I donned my skinny jeans, my cowboy boots, a t-shirt and some 'tude and prepared to go listen to a Canadian band at the Empty Bottle, THE venue to see a band about which no one else has heard.  What a poser, right?

My entire life, I have tended to listen to what was on the radio, the top 40s and the like.  I'm no music snob, and I have never professed to be one.  But I do enjoy music.  I love to sing (badly), I love to dance even more (that's one of my stronger suits), and so I do enjoy a wide variety of tunes.  But seek out new and unheard of bands.  As if.  I didn't want to put in the effort.

Until about a year and a half ago, I started dating someone who loves music.  He does seek out new bands and new music.  And you know what?  He listens to a ton of stuff that (a) I would never hear otherwise and (b) I really, really like.  Thus over the past year and a half, I have taken to going to shows with him and other friends.  Some of it is more mainstream and played on the radio, some of it is older, local music, and most-recently (as of last night), it is "not-big-yet" music.  P.I.C. tells me about this band that is playing, plays me a song, and I am hooked on its 80s, poppy nature.  I can envision a grand dance party.  We bought tickets, brought some other fun friends, and decided to rock it out.  Of course, the non-hipster lady in me thinks 9:30 pm on a school night?  That's ridiculous.  But we did it anyhow.

We got there early to cozy up to the bar and take in the scene.  Background music is playing and I recognize it.  I instantly felt cooler.  I recognized this song.  In fact, the song playing was one I'd heard live many times before.  An ex-boyfriend had been roommates with a guy in this band.  So I get all excited and tell my friends, "Oh my God, I know this song, and I feel pretty awesome cuz this is a local band and no one else probably knows it."  The bartender looks at me with humor in his eyes and says, "Um, this is the Misfits."


Ooooh, because that band had started as a Misfits cover band and they used to play this song.  Then the dude two bar stools over proceeded to laugh.  At me.  (My face is reddening as I write this again.)  I attempted to explain, but the words were out of my mouth and I'd been had.  The mistake had been made.

And the worst part?  He looked like a nerdy accountant.  Or perhaps an actuary.  Think Ben Stiller in "Along Came Polly."  He clearly did not get the memo that this was to be a grand dance party.  I couldn't imagine him out in front of the band popping along, dancing flamboyantly and exuberantly, which clearly were my goals for the night.  But he'd laughed at me.  He did apologize, but no matter, I'd been humiliated.  Guess I learned my lesson.

From now on, I shall stick to my strong points, meaning just dancing.  If I THINK I recognize a band, I will whisper it in my P.I.C's ear before I attempt to get seem cool and knowledgeable about music by blabbing it across a bar.  I'm back to square one.  I guess you'll have to look for me, the loud-mouthed, non-music knowing dance queen.  I'll be there.  Likely in cowboy boots.  Still trying to earn my hipster cred.

(Be it known that this entire post is made to be very tongue-in-cheek.  I know that I am not a "hipster", nor will I ever be one.  I just fine

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