Monday, April 19, 2010

Living single...

There comes a point in most of our lives where we make a very important decision. I cannot have another roommate. Seriously, if I have to look at HER shoes near the door, I may just put a pillow over her...oh, hehe. Just kidding. I made this decision roughly seven years ago. Living on my own.

Unfortunately, I had a few gentlemen who decided that me living alone meant they were going to move THEIR stuff into my place and that would be okay. Word to the wise, that is not the same as living alone. These boys left their shoes in places I didn't like either. So finally, I live alone. While I am not single and have a boyfriend that I adore tremendously, he knows not to leave more than a t-shirt and a toothbrush at my house. (I am dead serious. I would do the whole "heyyyy, you left TWO t-shirts at my house, I brought them back for you" deal if he tried to leave anything more at my house.) I have lived on my own now for seven years. My own lease, my own bed, my own everything. I have come to love it.

Here are some of the reasons why I love living alone:

(1) You never, ever have to shut the bathroom door. Ever. This may be my absolute favorite reason. Bathrooms in Chicago are small so the fact that I can leave the door open eliminates all claustrophobia. It is truly marvelous.

(2) Those dishes in the sink are MINE. If I am lazy and don't feel like doing the dishes, it's my own fault. No stress about another person's mess.

(3) Underwear and a t-shirt are perfectly acceptable after work clothes. Pants optional. Who doesn't love THAT?

(4) No one else eats my ice cream or my chips when I break down and buy them. I am a territorial chick and will seriously freak out if someone eats my chosen junk food. And by freak out, I mean I will leave a very strongly worded post it that I am sure you won't get until I'm long gone. (Did I mention that I'm passive aggressive?)

(5) Television. Yes, I still have the same 19-inch Westinghouse TV that was a Christmas gift over ten years ago. I also have a cable box that I bought with a government coupon. I do like to watch the CW and WGN in the morning. No judgment. It's delightful.

There are so many more reasons why living alone is just wonderful. I realize that I will not live alone forever. I also realize in writing this particular blog, I may scare off said lovely boyfriend from ever wanting to move in together. However, I know that he has his own love of being on his own as well. I respect that. I know that I am allowed to keep slippers, face wash and a toothbrush at his house. Nothing more.

So for now, I will continue my pants-less, tiny bad TV watching on my own. And I will enjoy every moment of it.

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