Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Annoyed on the CTA...

Perhaps you read my blog and think to yourself, "This girl is an irritable piece of work."

You may be right. But the fact remains, people are damn inconsiderate. Nearly every day, I encounter fully jerk-worthy people on the subway and the bus. Here is some of the appalling behavior displayed.

-A person walks up to a bus stop where there are thirty people or so waiting to board a bus that has yet to materialize. Rather than go toward the back of the area of the bus stop, this person goes right to the front, effectively "budging" a huge line of people. You suck, bus-budger. You may make me the angriest of all.

-When the bus gets crowded, some people choose to not move all the way to the back of the bus. Suck it up and move back, nerds.

-On a similar note, some people choose to wait in the exit to get out of the way. That's all well and good until someone needs to get off. Move your lazy ass out of my way. It's your fault, lady, that my bag ripped and the doors got stuck, fatty. Had you kindly moved out of the exit, I would have had no difficulty in getting off the bus.

-Unaware backpack riders. Anyone who's taken an over-stuffed backpack to the face knows what I'm saying here. Take them off and hold them by your feet, dude. You're knocking old ladies (and ME) over.

-The people who are too lazy to take their fare cards (our fancy "Chicago cards") out of their bag/wallet and hold up a huge line of people as they attempt to touch the fare box over and over again. Take it out of your bag, idiot. It's not working through the eight layers of pleather. Clearly.

-Girl, I'm sure it was sunny when you got on the el. But we are underground. Take your damn sunglasses off. You look ridiculous.

-People who refuse to hold the poles. This applies equally to the bus and el. I want to hold onto the pole to stay upright. I don't want to touch your entire body as it rests up against the pole. Man up and buy some Purel, sissy.

I know I have plenty more irritations based solely on public transportation. Anyone who lacks a car and relies on a woefully underfunded and poorly run system probably has similar gripes. I suppose I should just feel grateful that no one has shown me their genitalia on the train.

Hey, the day is still young! Lots of public transportation to go. I will update accordingly.

Enjoy the sunshine, y'all. But rest assured, my sunglasses will be off when I go underground.

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