Monday, June 21, 2010

Poodles, Grizzly Bears and New Yorkers...

Another weekend in Manhattan and Brooklyn has cemented my love for this glorious city. Obviously. While I love Chicago and it has grown to be home in so many ways, New York is just such. a. city. I have so much to say about my trip and my observations on a rather leisurely and less-touristy trip, but for now, some random observations.

-Poodle party. Since last year, P.I.C. and I had a rain-soaked weekend in NYC and saw a decent chunk of Central Park under umbrellas, we wanted to revisit it this year. Rather than walk around much, we chose to get some seriously good bagels (oh, pumpernickel, you are so underrated) and coffees and sit on a bench and watch people. Little did we know that we were invaded on a Poodle Party. Seriously. There were probably fifteen people seated on benches nearby where we had perched with poodles. Rowdy, full-sized poodles. The poodle owners gabbed, the poodles played. It was so bizarre. At one point, one of the poodles was literally jumping over the other dogs. It was like a three-ring circus consisting entirely of poodles. It was insane, yet absolutely hilarious.

-Nice people. On our way to Brooklyn via subway, I was attempting to heave my suitcase over the turnstile when I dropped my MetroCard. Rookie mistake, I know. The train was coming, my bag was heavy and I got anxious. I was able to snag my card just in time to swipe it and find that there wasn't enough money on it. Bullocks! The train was in the station. P.I.C. was on the other side of the turnstiles looking impatient. Suddenly, a young man walks up and says to P.I.C. "You get over to the train and hold the door. You don't pay, I got you." He swiped his MetroCard for me and I got through. Sadly, the train was packed and P.I.C. and I did not make it on the train. However the memory of that nice guy remained. How nice was he?!

-Waterfront concert. On Sunday night, we had the privilege to go to a concert featuring two bands: Grizzly Bear and Band of Horses. Williamsburg Waterfront is a space right on the water with a gorgeous backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. Imagine that gorgeous skyline behind you as the sun sets with live music, grooving bodies and clouds of illicit smoke rising surround you. Truly, this is summer. We danced right into it on the day before the summer solstice in Brooklyn, New York. I couldn't be happier about this evening.

So much to say about our trip, so little organization in my mind right now. Rest assured, there will be more tales of wayward airlines, private tour guides and delicious foods ahead. For now, I must rest my summer worn body before it is back to the real world.

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