Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Fabulously Awkward...Feline?

It's only natural that I, the self-proclaimed Queen of "All Things Awkward Yet I Try to Pretend I Am Fabulous" have a cat that is equally fabulously awkward, right?

I have had my cat since he was a wee kitten. I named him after returning from a short stint at Oxford University, deciding that he looked rather regal with his little lion's mane and the way he would lift both of his front legs up before diving off my parents fireplace hearth. He has always been a very odd cat though. Whether it was sneak-biting of the toes, an activity that he would do to any foot that dared dangle out from the covers in the middle of the night, or shoving his whole body into a Cheese Its box, my little muffin had his quirks.

Of course, as kittens become cats, their playful behavior subsides to some extent and they stop playing all day and all night long. (All night.) My little Ox is no exception. However, from time to time, he will tear though my apartment like he's being chased and then like he is chasing someone. He runs from room to room, on the bed, then off, up and down from various parts of the furniture, usually ending up in his favorite chair on his quilt with his ears back, challenging you to pet him. (Spoiler alert: He WILL bite you.)

Having wood floors, his wild runs provide endless entertainment for me because he nearly always crashes into something. It's hilarious. This morning was another wild one, with him tearing through my apartment with an even more excited pace. I was sitting on my couch, enjoying my morning coffee when I see him run past me into the kitchen. I heard him tearing through the spare bedroom, then back into the kitchen and through the living room, past me again. He goes flying up onto my window sill in my living room, but in so doing, face plants the window. Fully. He literally jumped face first into the window. You'd think he'd be stunned from that. Nope. He continues onto the back of the chair, then the arm of the chair, then in front of me and bounds onto my bed in my bedroom.

I mean, a face plant into a window? That's pretty awkward. But running it out after such a face plant? That's just fabulous.

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  1. Bucky does the same thing! My favorite is when she doesn't quite make the jump from the ottoman and hits the wall. Or, tries to jump into the window and hits curtain so she gets bounced back. Hilarity ensues.