Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best. Bus Ride. Ever.

Every morning, I shuffle the two quick blocks to my stop to await the inevitably crowded bus. Sadly, I have become used to the steamy, crowded rides ever since the service cuts several months back. And, because I am a particularly conscientious person, I know to go alllll the way to the back of the bus when I board.

This morning, I did just that. There were no seats, so I stood all the way in the back of the bus. Had I moved back any further, I would have had to perch myself on the laps of those lucky folks who snagged a seat. I was at the rear, for sure. Of course, when the bus gets this crowded, the bus driver often starts yelling, "Move to the rear." I figured out that this was what was happening on this particular morning because people started looking back towards me. However, as I had mentioned, I was all the way at the rear. Nowhere for me to move.

At some point, after we'd been on the bus for ten minutes or so, a lady started yelling. I could only hear her part of the encounter, but it was enough to send me into fits of giggles and make my morning absolutely fantastic.

Lawyer lady on the bus (LL): They are moving back, but why can't you say "Please." They have umbrellas and what not.

Busdriver (BD): ::inaudible shouting::

LL: Lady, I am a lawyer. I am going to start taking down people's names and numbers. You are being so rude.

BD: ::inaudible shouting::

LL: You are a bus driver, and we deserve to be treated with some respect.

BD: ::inaudible shouting::

LL: My name is M.C. I am a lawyer.

BD: ::inaudible shouting::

LL: My name is M.C. Why won't you say your name? Are you embarrassed by your behavior?

At this point, I could not stop laughing. There were similar chuckles around me, but no one was having the hysterics I was having to suppress.

This morning, I boarded the bus and hilarity truly ensued. So. Happy.

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